Mechatronics - Puzzle #9 - Sand Clock?

We have two sand clock, one have the capacity to show 4 minutes and other have the capacity to 
 show 7 minutes. 

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By using the two sand clocks, you can use it single or combination of sand timers.

Mechatronics - Puzzle #8 - Travel through?

Four people are traveling to different places on different types of transport.

Their names are: Ram, Sam, Raj and Viru.

They either went on train, car, plane or ship. 

Mechatronics - Puzzle #7 - Find the missing number ?

Please enjoy this brain teaser compliments of puzzle master Mr.Wes Carroll.

Find the Missing number

Pattern Recognition Test - Empty Triangle

Mechatronics - Puzzle #6 - Where is 1 Rupee ?

Two friends Smith and Robert go to a shop to purchase a IC. Unfortunately, the shop keeper (owner) was not there and hence the helper greeted them instead. Helper charged them Rs 50 for the IC. Both divided the amount and hence each person paid Rs 25.

 When the shop keeper returns and listens to the whole incident, he orders the helper to go back to the customers and return them Rs 5 as the IC actually costed Rs 45 and not Rs 50. On his way, the helper steals Rs 2 and returns Rs 3 to the friends i.e. Rs 1.5 to both Smith and Robert.

Mechatronics - Puzzle #5 - Candles

You are locked into dark room. Door can be unlocked exactly after 45 minutes. There is no scale or clock inside the room. If you missed to unlock after 45 minutes, it will never open. 

Internship - Inspiring Story

Internship Story shared by Mr. Ben Ramedani, Social Media Marketing, Mobile App and eCommerce Web Development

"A young graduate walked into my office and said this. But there's no vacant position for now I replied.
He insisted he'd love to work. He had been looking for an opportunity & he doesn’t mind coming to a place where he can learn. Since it was internship nothing to lose, my partner and I agreed.
Image result for Internship
He joined us. He'd come early and close late with us. Of course, he could close anytime he wants. But his attitude was something I love. Eager to learn & take to correction.

Mechatronics - Puzzle #4- Salary Preference

A company has chosen you as their employee and they are asking you to choose the salary per month option out of the following two options:

Preference 1: You get 10 Crores(100 million) rupees for the month 


Mechatronics - Puzzle #2 with Answer- Robots Vs Gold Coins

There are 5 Humanoid Robots in a Space shuttle. Humanoid robots have hierarchy R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5.
R1 designation is the highest and R5 is the lowest.

These Robots have three characteristics : 
a. Every robot is so greedy that it can even take lives of other robot to make more money.  
b. Every robot desperately wants to stay alive. 
c. They are all very intelligent.

Mechatronics - Puzzle #1 with answer

Why to Solve Puzzle ?

Brain produces a chemical known as dopamine that is chiefly responsible for learning and memory. The production of this chemical increases in the brain at the time when it is engaged in solving the jigsaw puzzle. Working on puzzles and solving them provides us with very many helpful benefits.

The Surprising Benefits of Puzzle Solving for Adults
  • Improved Memory. Solving puzzles helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells.